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I don't know, I guess you can simply say my brand is inspired by the stuff around me. I want to say the point of me choosing these images/this brand of mine is to portray being in the thick of it all and finding and enjoying the simple images and experiences in a complex world. I am @trc204. 

1. This first picture was taken in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA. This park was the inspiration for the beginnings of my photography interests. I would just walk into the park with my camera and backpack looking for pictures. There, this HUGE park is engulfed by a 7mi.x7mi. city called SF. But when you get in there, the city becomes blocked from your view and your mind and you can escape into this little forest to do simple things. 


2. It was a hot day during the Hardly Strictly music festival. I was jealous of my girlfriend's alcoholic beverage as it looks so refreshing and my cottonmouth was screaming at me to drink something. "Drink me", it says. I have ice and lemons. 


3. This photo is special to me because it involves my friend who got me into photography. I am a little older than him and I've moved back home from college. He was still in school and he came to SF for a little bit. I caught this one of him after he got suited up to go out and shoot with me. Film on your left and digital on the right. 


4. I love this picture. I was sitting on a bench for a piece break. I had walked about three miles into the park and I decided it was time to relax. These two girls sat down next to me and they were speaking in German. Because I am weird and shy, I stuck my camera to my face to make it look like I wasn't trying to listen to them. As I looked vacantly into the eye I noticed little fishes jump out of the water to get bugs. So, I wanted to capture that. Shortly after, I got bored and noticed that a reflection of the houses and trees were in my sights and I took the shot. I like how the picture had been affected by the low exposure because I was sitting in the shade and it puts me right back where I was sittin that day. If you ever go to that pond, it was the first one on your left if you're looking towards Fulton.


5. I love to take pictures of babies haha. Especially this little one, Abby. I don't want to grow up. The fuel for my art is instilled in my child-like soul. Children are the purest form of human, I feel. What I'm trying to say is they are stripped of influence from the world and make their own experience. All they want to do is explore and shout and make noises and be annoying and be free. I want to do that and going out into the wild with a camera and a sense for adventure is me tryin to be that child. 


6. Smoke break in the middle of the night. My friends were visiting for a Tame Impala concert. Best show I've ever seen and after trekking all the way back to the western most point of SF from Oakland, we mutally agreed on some smoke. Blurry door in the background matched my true visions, hazy friend sitting in front of me, location could only been noted in my brain by the nice little cherry. A nice view from a good night. 


7. There was really nothing to this picture other than the fact that I like how metal looks in black an white. But it looks nice and it's simple. 


8. I was visiting my old school, Humboldt State University in Arcata CA, and it was Saturday. Every Saturday the local farmers come to the plaza for some fun an to sell their produce. But there is more to this day than just selling produce. All kinds of people come to the square and hula hoop or poi or practice their other priceless skills. Like my friend here. He had been trying to perfect his flipping. Nothing else to do that day but flip around in the sun. I caught him mid-flip. It looks wicked. 


9. This was the day after the Tame show. Late afternoon and the wind had picked up. Rick had stood up on the ledge and let the wind blow back his hair. He peered into the distance as the cargo ships were lurking in the hazy fogged atmosphere. He stood there for some time. As I would too. As I get older, I learn to love to sit in a moment, relax for a second, dude.  




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