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no design background, but found a passion!



torrie asai

*note: most recent updates are on top here for easier access! :)

01/22/14: wanted to continue to share my progress :)

12/20/13: Just created a Christmas card and it's got a flourish and some swashes! i really surprised myself with this one! :D

12/06/13: I'm a little late on this, but here is a quote that I recently found on Pinterest...

10/26/13: one more capitals alphabet and some flouishes!

update 10/23/13: i've not forgotten about you, calligraphy project. i still love you and want to complete you.  i want to focus on flouishes next so i can develop my final alphabet! :)

update: last one for tonight - lower case letters! I think this is it for lowercase! :)

not sure why I can't rotate my photos, but here are a couple practice pages:


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