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"too busy listening to the grass grow"

The phrase I've chosen is a quote from a letter Prince wrote to a fan in which he says that he wasn't very good at school because he was "too busy listening to the grass grow."

(here's the whole letter if anyone wants to check it out, it's pretty great)

I've always loved the line and thought it would be a good quote for the project!*

*this makes it sound like it was my first option that I happened to come upon naturally. It wasn't. I was choosing between twenty different phrases. I'm very indecisive. Moving on.



I tried to separate it a bit with drawing ideas on the far left, color ideas in the middle-ish, and text ideas on the right. I feel like I might be planning ahead a little too much, but you have to start somewhere, right?


I spent some time playing around with a bunch of ideas, not all of which seemed appropriate for this project (e.g. dropshadow, blackletter, etc.) but I wanted to try them out anyway!
I'm leaning towards some of the rougher ones, like the cut-out, representational, script, and the mood board-inspired one but I'd love some feedback while I keep practicing.


I took everyone's suggestions (thank you so much for the feedback!) and started to draft up some thumbnails. I'm going to get started on sketching now!


Here's the first pencil sketch I did after my thumbnails. It got pretty smudgy, so ...

I traced it and inked part of it on a separate paper. There's so much flora, and I picture the various kinds of plants being slightly different colors, so I took tracing paper and did each 'species' on different layers of tracing paper.  (I had to expand on the grass, so I included both versions of that)


Here's the photoshopped version with all of these layers compiled - 

I definitely need to clean it up some more, but I'm pretty pleased with it right now. I think I might change "listening" a little bit, but I'm not quite sure how yet. Thanks for everyone's feedback so far! 


Since yesterday, I've been playing around with different banner possibilities and variations on listening. 

I'm going to get the tracing paper out and see what options look best so if anyone has a suggestion, I'm open! 


I took in some of the advice from last time and made a second inked version. Still not super sure about listening... I tried a ton of different kinds of banners but I'm still very much leaning towards the c-shaped ribbon-like banner (although I may change the one branch that sticks out right underneath the banner. It's at a similar angle and it's kinda bugging me.)

Let me know what you think! I'll probably start coloring in some of the flora soon!


I was away from my scanner, so I made some (very) rough photoshopped sketches to test out some ideas. I'm not crazy about either one of them (having it all flora was too busy and I wasn't super into the single banner. And the little spaced out listening wasn't filling up the space very well).

So far, I'm pretty satisfied so I might try one or two more ideas and then I'm going to get right into Part II - coloring! 


I'm choosing between these last three! 


Thanks for your help, everyone! I'm taking the second half of the class to color it in. Hopefully I'll have the colored versions up here soon!


I didn't make the drawing possible to fiddle around with in Illustrator. 

So I'm going to color it in Photoshop and make a new project for class Part II!


Here's the inked in version. Any suggestions? I'm pretty pleased right now! I just made a few options. 



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