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tired of talking

i discovered energetic recurring themes in my drawings!  

1.  drawing standing up:  the first dna line that i drew immediately looked like a face to me.  i have had an interest in EARS lately.  their unique shape and in showing them off.  considering chopping off my long hair just so i can show off my ears for the first time.  drawing standing up reminded me of my dad and his hilarious stances whenever he would snap photos.  my stance resembled that of a new surfer in training who happens to have a fear of getting wet.  


2.  drawing & listening to music:  tired of talking by leon might be my new favorite song.  heard it for the first time during this project and now my EARS cant get enough of this soulful swedish beauty.  i was amused when my connection with NATURE expanded into this drawing with this single bird of paradise. i also felt like the bird of paradise doubles as lips of a mouth.  i thinks she's amused with me.  


3.   drawing while rotating the paper:  this was a fun DNA and i'm noticing that i like to keep my lines smooth rather than sharp or edgy.  my lines started looking like a hand, palms out.  after rotating the paper, i saw my hand flash the peace sign, and then into the hang ten sign.  drawing and rotating the paper took away some of the control that i like to have which led me to this thought that i spelled out :

"this is me
expressing myself 
of edits and filters.  
everything is tempoary."


4.  drawing blindfolded:  left self protrait is drawn blindfolded with left hand.  right self portrait is drawn blindfolded with dominant right hand.  i see my artist self portrait with big ears and bold eyebrows.  if there was color to this project, i would have red lips too.  (those are supposed to be leaves in my hair).


5.  finally, drawing while takling:  i definitely prefer drawing with music on versus drawing while talking.  no one was around when working on this project so i too, found an article online to read out loud while drawing.  thank you mystic mamma for the insightful month ahead.  i didn't want to draw lines cooresponding to what i was reading and it was hard to look at the paper when i was reading from the screen.  i started feeling annoyed but then i just let it go and went with it.  


will keep practicing, thank you!


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