three month course making update!

three month course making update! - student project

over the last three months, i've been through this animated gif.

was the course length ok, I'm i advertising it enough, am i doing the right things for engagement, should i make more courses, less courses, what about landing pages, tweeting it out, facebook pages, spend time speaking and engaging each day, how do i fit that in into my day to day life.

truth is, if you follow everything that is on the internet about how to build and market yourself you can end up just constantly reading and adding more pressure and stress to it. sometimes. 


I made a bunch of changes after the first courses I made, I looked at what it might be to RECEIVE one of my courses. I went through some of these steps.

  • where are the people watching/viewing my courses going to be
  • how much real time do they have to learn something?
  • do I get to the point quick enough?
  • am I geeking out, showing off, attaching ego, gloating, giving value?
  • how can I optimize the process of making
  • how can I be more productive?

and many many more trust me on that..  I literally. .. went through lots of things that I know a lot of other people don't, they just get started, get going, post things out, regular. .. 

things i can share you should do. .. TODAY. ..

  • use tools you are comfortable using
  • write out a plan of how to deliver each course
  • can you template this, can you record a course in one hour
  • if not, how much can you sprint to do in one hour
  • break it down into phases that you can pick up AT ANY TIME
  • research, mockup, record, edit, distribute, tag and engage (STEPS PEOPLE!)

everyday i feel like my skillshare course making process gets easier and easier, i've had a few people ask me about productivity and how i go about it. maybe a course is needed but for now just follow those steps. i've heard some interesting conversations about value - a £10 course over a £100 course and that people themselves are trying to decide on what the value is.

under delivering or over delivering and then feeling frustrated when the course 'does not land' like you expect it, maybe what we should be doing is at least turning up and sharing what knowledge we have actually used and worked rather than just researching and copy and pasting the web. make courses about something you have used yourself and the result it gained.

ok, that's me done for today - more projects on this topic soon, i'm heading to my mums.


Philip Campbell
Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow