three little (girl) pigs

three little (girl) pigs - student project

Hi there,

I really enjoyed this class. I appreciated that you created a scenario (that I have thought over and over about with much anxiety) to make us work out the jitters, if you will, if such a thing arises...which I certainly hope it does!

I caused me to break down all that "overwhelmedness" and take bit size bits. I found it very helpful. You explained everything very well. 

I would appreciate any feed back and am interested in all the other projects I see out there. 

thanks again,


*Below is the letter, 2 roughs and the final

Dear Sally Sims,

Thank you for choosing me to work on this project. Children's books are dear to my heart, so this project will be especially inspiring.

I do have a few questions for you.

-For the story illustrations of the book, how many will you be requiring? Also, can you plot out for me the page breaks within the text?

-What will be the dead line for said illustrations? How many rough sketches will you require of each of those?

-Is there a color pallette you are leaning towards? If there is something in my portfolio that stood out to you, feel free to reference that.

-Will you need illustrations for the back cover? Will you need illustrations for any other pages that are not story text pages?

-Will you need a photograph of me for the back cover?

-What is the fee for the story illustrations?

-Would you like for me to include my name as illustrator on the cover?

-Would you be open to a storyline change? My first visualization of the cover was three little GIRL piggies. I thought it would be fun and modern.

-What is the deadline for the entire project?

Working with Swanky Publishing, will, I'm sure, be a great experience and I'm looking forward to being apart of the team. Thank you again for considering me.

Lauren Zabaneh

three little (girl) pigs - image 1 - student project

three little (girl) pigs - image 2 - student project

three little (girl) pigs - image 3 - student project