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this WILL help me! =D


I've been tring to brand myself, and create a logo and stuff for about eh, a year now or so. But I never could just really get a good grasp on what exactly I wanted or how it would define my company.

When I saw this on Skillshare today I had to start right away because it's just been weighing so heavily on my mind to create my logo and do some branding. So, it's pretty safe to say that this was the PERFECT class ever for me to take. I'm very open to new direction, so I was eager to start this project. I'll probably update this daily throughout the next week until it's finished.

Here's my chart and a summary of what I do/want to do:


I love God! Lol. The first part of my name Shon means "God's grace" in Hebrew and the last part of my name "Neri," from biblical origin means "light of God". My parents didnt plan that out, somehow it just happened haha.

So, of course I want my name to be in my logo, but i wasnt sure what part to focus on or if i should just use my whole name Shonneri.

I want my business to be surrounded around all those things in the "What" category esp illustrations and portraits. I would think about selling something from my personal website and possibly Society6. And I aim to create a specal Instagram account specifically for my brand, launch a Kickstarter and introduce them to my a few things that I do, and use other social media.

My perfect Client:

Screenshots of my mood boards on Pinterest. 



A small paragragh about my client...

Kiara likes fun and imaginative art. Not only for herself, but also for her child. She likes fluid lines and is visually attracted to things that pretty/cool, but also things that have a "weird" vibe.

Updated 5/10



updated 5/11


I think I've just decided to use my full name for my brand name for my business. 

Shonneri and below my name put illustrator&designer 

I'm thinking about seperating my name halfway through when designing my logo, but i might change my mind once I'm actually designing the mark.  I've taken screenshots for inspiration so far, and I'll watch the "message & the mark" video tomorrow.

updated 5/12



updated 5/13


logos I'm inspired by:



Sooooo. I guess I'm done. This was really fun and rewarding. I'm glad I can see the direction I at least want to go in and have a lot of information about my business I didnt have at first.  & I'm  feelinginspired to START doing my logo instead of feeling overwhelmed! Which is always a great feeling. 

Updated 5/15


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