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My 10 year vision

it's 2022 and i'm 46 years old. we live near the bridge and water in a nice apartment with large windows and great natural light. there's a lofted working area and an open floor plan. we have roof access as well as a balcony and I've created a roof garden with a yoga area upstairs. i'm in my loft finishing up some notes on something i'm working on. my blog has become highly successful and i've developed a core group of like minded friends whil act as a support system for each other. my blog is a sort of anti touchy feely personal adventure blog. i make more than 50% of my income from this as well as associated projects/products. i live with my keith. we're famously in love. we've managed to work through each other's blocks with the help of our om practice to deepen out time together. keith is working for himself with his website and it has become a leader in data management and protocol sharing. we are financially stable and saving for retirement. keith travels for work and we vacation twice a year to beautiful foreign locales. i shop regularly at the farmers marker and much of our food is locally produced. keith regularly plays hockey and kickball and skates and rides to and from work. i am still practicing yoga and regularly teach and go on retreats. i will be leading a class at an upcoming retreat and i am very excited. i run 1-2 marathons per year and have gotten my pace sub 8 min mile. i still make patterns. i am still active in the fashion industry. i am now fluent in french. keith and i are happy. we are safe and we are healthy.


My 10 year goals

Personal - 

By _____ 2022, out apartment and roof garden are 100% renovated.

By _____ 2022, we maintain our OM practice and have been to all offered classes/retreats/events.  I am considering becoming a certified instructor.

By _____ 2022, we travel overseas at least 1x/year together and take an extended stay every 2-3 years.

By _____ 2022, my french skills are fluent and taken for granted.

By _____ 2022, I am a certified Krav Maga instructor and specialize in classes for women.

Career -

By _____ 2022, my blog has 10,000 unique monthly visitors and a companion product series all of which generate >50% of my annual income.

By _____ 2022, I am a paid feature wirter/columnist for multiple other blogs including topics such as yoga, running, knitting and self care.

By _____ 2022, we are financially stable with a combined household income exceeding $300K.

By _____ 2022, we have twice our annual income or more in savings and assets with each of us having at least double our salaries in reserve.

By _____ 2022, i am a certified yoga instructor at both beginner and advanced levels and at least two speciality variations (partner, ashtanga, hatha, vinyasa, etc.)

By _____ 2022, I am a fearless patternmaker and draper, designing and creating all of my clothing and much of his.

Health - 

By _____ 2022, i take a yearly solo vacation retreat where i rest and renew and sometimes teach.

By _____ 2022, I have learned to maintain a good balance of time and energy for myself as well as keith

By _____ 2022, i am at the top of my age group in all levels of fitness and flexibility, speed, endurance, strength, aerobic capacity and have elvels of that of a 30 year old.

By _____ 2022, I run a daily 5 miles at <8minute/mile pace

By _____ 2022, I can hold the Left and Right side crow as well as peacock indefinitely in my daily yoga practice

By _____ 2022, i have an abundance of friends to choose from and a select group of close confidants.

My 5 year goals

Personal - 

By _____ 2017, we are living in our ideal apartment with roof access and a broad license from the landlord to make any changes we want.  We are getting the roof checked for load capacity

By _____ 2017, we are regular OM practitioners and have attended at least 2 classes and are soon attending our first retreat and/or men's class.

By _____ 2017, we have been to 3 new countries: Japan, Iceland and France.

By _____ 2017, i have completed french classes and can speak enough to get around the country.

By _____ 2017, I am a blue belt in Krav Maga and have traveled to Isreal for my studies.

Career - 

By _____ 2017, I am generating income from my blog

By _____ 2017, I write a regular column for another blog

By _____ 2017, I have 50% or more of my annual income in personal savings, 401K and stocks

By _____ 2017, I have completed standard yoga teacher training and am about to begin advanced training.  I teach beginner classes 2x/week

By _____ 2017, I pattern and drape >50% of my own clothing

Health -

By _____ 2017, I am taking my 2nd solo vacation

By _____ 2017, I run at an 8 minute/mile pace for 5 miles daily

By _____ 2017, I can hold scorpion pose indefinitely

By _____ 2017, I have a small close knit group of likeminded friends

By _____ 2017, my blog posts are on a scheduled routine

By _____ 2017, my weight and BF% continue to remain stable and i increase my strength capacity by 20% for all major muscle groups

My 2-3 year goals

Personal -

By _____ 2015, we have $7,000 in savings iearmarked for apartment use

By _____ 2015, we have a regular OM practice and have been to one class.  Our 2nd class is scheduled

By _____ 2015, we have vacationed to a new country as tourists

By Nov. 2015, we have visited Maria, Chris and Raul/Iris.

By _____ 2015, i am taking advanced french

By _____ 2014, I have enrolled in Krav Maga and attende classes 3x/week

Career -

By _____ 2014, my blog has 1, 000 unique monthly visitors and my blog is highly rated

By _____ 2015, I am a regular commenter on other blogs and am being invited to submit articles

By _____ 2014, all credit cards are at a zero balance monthy and student loans are being paid ahead.

By _____ 2015, I contribute my maximum to my 401K and have $10,000 or more in combined 401K, savings, stocks

By _____ 2014, I am accepted and enrolled in an intensive yoga teacher training course for 2015

By _____ 2014, I have perfected all of my slopers

Health -

By _____ 2015, I am taking a solo vacation on a yoga, writers or raw food retreat

By _____ 2014, my weight is stable below 140lbs and i maintain a sub 20% body fat

By _____ 2014, I am running 5 miles daily

By _____ 2014, I am doing yoga daily at the yoga studio of my upcoming teacher training

By _____ 2014, I have identified and decided on 5 close friends

By _____ 2014, I have implemented efficiency methods for shopping, errands, appointments, money and cleaning.

My 1 year goals

Personal -

By March 2013, I have my financials fully streamlined and organized and I am saving money towards our relationship.

By March 2013, Keith and I exercise our OM practice 3 times every week on T, R, St

By November 2013, Keith and I have booked tickets and lodging for a vacation to Paris and Barcelona

By July 2013, I have enrolled in French classes at or I am learning through TF methods.

By November 2013, I am a yello wbelt in Krav Maga

Career -

By Juy, 2013, I post to my blog 3x.week or more and I have linked to 25 other blogs

By November 2013, I have developed a distinct online personality

By September 2013, my credit card balances are at $0

By September 2013, I am contributing $300/month to my 401K and I have made my first stock investment

By November 2013, I have researched possible yoga teacher certifications and have decided which to persue in 2014.

By July 2013, I have padded my form and created a cover and have made my basic slopers. (5 piece, trouser, skirt, knit, longline)

Health -

By November 2013, I have researched solo vacation destinations and am applying for grants for stays in 2015

By May 2013, I am consistently doing a 2-3 day monthly juice fast/clense

By November 2013, I regularly run 5 miles at a stretch without stopping

By March 2013, I have a regular yoga practice at an established yoga studio

By May 2013, I have defined what I'm looking for in a friend/friendship as well as who/what I am willing to be in that relationship

By March 2013, I have defined what constitutes self care for me and I have let Keith know so that he may assist me when I have trouble helping myself

By June 2013, I regularly treat myself to mani/pedis, facials, massages, haircuts and home self care.


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