ThingPickr picks things. ...Having trouble deciding between things? Add two or more things to thingPickr and let thingPickr pick for you! If you don't like what thingPickr picks, simply have it pick again until you do. Once you arrive on "the thing" you can have it take up the whole screen of your iPhone in order to remind you to focus on whatever it is. ...More Details

I have a little hand drawn prototype in POP! (Prototyping on paper). Here is a link:


I've also started working on it a little. My generous friend Jorgé helped me out and taught be about @synthesize (the method(?) not the twitter user ...I still don't really understand how synthesize works or why I used it, but I love it.). I also got a little more help on stackOverflow

The project is on GitHub


Next up in the project I'm going to try to get the result to display on a new screen of the app.. so far I haven't been able to get that to work even though it seems like it should just work. :)


I'm putting iContact on the backburner for a while and changing my project to thingPicker---the revolutionary app that picks things! 



App Icon

App Description:

iContact helps you keep track of how much you've used your disposable contact lenses. If you need to keep track of when it's time to replace your contacts. For example, let's say you have contacts that can be worn for 2 weeks (14 days total) before they need to be replaced. However, on some days you wear glasses and those days don't count. iContact will let you mark the day you start using a new pair of contacts, then mark any days you wear glasses and send you a handy reminder when your contacts are 14 days old. Works for 1 week contacts, 2 week contacts, 1 month contacts or a custom amount of time that you set.

Core Features:

- add "new contacts" to the calendar

- add a "glasses day" to the calendar

- get a notification when the contacts have been worn-out (eg. 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month)

Additional Features:

- keep a copy of your prescription for reference or ordering contacts

- get a reminder of when to order before your prescription expires

- keep a list of things you want to see (good reason to take care of your eyes)




Ongoing Class Assignment & Project Notes


iContact: App Icon

I posted the app icon on dribbble



Unit 3

I did the if-else lesson and got some help via the internet to make it a little more chancy.

Here's what it looks like


And here's my post on stackoverflow where I asked for help and got it almost immediately. That was cool!



Unit 2

Did you know?...

there are 5 cups of sugar in a case of coke

The length of the Golden Gate Bridge is 1.70 miles, or 2.74 kilometers, if you prefer.
Program ended with exit code: 0

:) So go ride your bike across the ggb a bunch of times before you down a case of coke.



Unit 1

That was cool. I had already installed xcode a while ago so it was pretty easy. 

I'm really excited about this class---I love that it's open to anybody and I didn't need to have programming experience. 




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