Dave Curry

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Name & Location: Dave Curry - Charleston, SC

Brand: thecomeback!

Slogan: Sensei of the South

Mission statement: Sensei means master/teacher. The brand mission is focused on the concept of mastering your destiny, mastering your life.

Logo & Wordmark



I'm not really a graphic designer but I did manage to place the designs I have on a tee shirt template. I will post what I'm planning on using for a size tag screenprint and as a hem tag in a different file. Please disregard the lack of how "deisgny" the templates themselves are and look at the design.


This tee is pretty straightforward. The diamond and crosskatana logo big in the center of the tee.


This tee is the name of the brand, "thecomeback!" in japanese. A really cool second translation I found for this was "second bloom." I really liked that phrase and so sometimes you'll catch me talking about that phrase when discussing this tee.


This tee is a Rising Sun design but using the crosskatana logo as the centerpiece.


This tee is features a money/lucky/fortune cat. Which is a symbol of good luck and fortune in Asian culture. I decided to throw an eyepatch on the cat as a cool twist, and you can catch a glimpse of the logo on the patch as well.


This is a coach's jacket that has a silhouette of Jim Kelly, a famous martial artist who has recently passed and the phrase "The Real Nigga Dojo" under it. I especially like this tee because of my personal feelings toward the word "nigga". I see it as a term that has nothing to do with race in specific, and while controversial I stand super behind this design for that reason. Excuse the poor quality of this mockup but I just put a black square over what was originally ont his and threw the design on

I'm also kind of a photographer so I'm looking into incorporating photo tees into the brand. You can see my blog HERE and other pics HERE. Here's what I was thinking though as far as the tees if I were to do them.


Slogan: Sensei of the South

Mission statement: Sensei means master/teacher. The brand mission is focused on the concept of mastering your destiny, mastering your life.

Living in the south, there isn't really a huge presence in prominent streetwear brands, I'm sure most of you who read this are from/in bigger cities, but part of being in control of your destiny is being in control of your location and success in that locale, so here I am. Master of the South. Master of my destiny. I've been at the brand for about three years and I'm going through a little rebranding and refocusing so the timing of this is perfect.

Another cool thing about this name is that it also takes a slight "we're number one" stance but also has that "but we can teach you." I feel like this business is a mix of competition and collaboration, so while we're working to blow each other out of the water, we're also working to make each other better. Here in the southeastern part of the US, we are slow to catch on to that. Hopefully the brand can be part of something that helps show a spirit of competition and collaboration.

One thing I've been thinking about that slogan is that it is definitely regional, but if you can compare it to things like music and art and fashion in general, regional styles and sayings can still move into a national and even worldwide scape.

Style Guide

I started my style guide but it isn't finished. I definitely am less of a designer than many but I hope the ideas are conveyed successfully.


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