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My friends and I are music snobs and proud of it! Every year we make a site where we post our top ten favorite albums of the year with reviews of each. 

theTens turns the omrails pinterest style site into a ite to make your musical opinions heard. Create and account and post reviews! The reviews can be good, bad, recent albums, classic favorites, whatever you want.

So far I've added:

 - Search the body of the reviews, album titles, and artist name throughout the site

 - Rank your album for that particular year, then view your top ten (or more) albums from each year

 - See the reviewers page to see who has posted and view their profile page

Next up will be a ratings system and youtube links. Sign up to try it out!

9/6/13 -

I've been working on this project on and off, and am finally almost done for now.

The app is fully functional, and even has it's own domain!

There are:

 - expanded reviewer pages

 - different ways to sort your reviews to see them by year, rating, and rank.

 - 5 star rating system

 - full commenting features for all signed in users

 - Facebook and Twitter sharing

  and more.....

Going forward I'd like to update the style to look less Pinterest-like. Also, I'd like to figure out a better system for ranking the reviews by year. 

For now though I'm pretty happy with it. Please give it a try and let me know of any suggestions!






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