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the white haired boy

My three ideas are:

Jumping off a bridge - my friend and I decided jumping off a 30 ft bridge into a river was a great idea. Eccept I was too chick .  Ibenshit to actually jump. When I finallyjumped off the cement support I slid down it and landed on a bunch of rocks. Most of the story is me going "em I cant do it!!"

Face smash! - during a derby scrimmage i was jamming and lost control smashing my face into a lead pipe. 5 minutes of ice on my face and i was back in the game. Awesome story lots of action but not much else in terms of substance. this was my first choice but the last idea is best.

The white haired boy - my cousin died from leukemia when he was 6. I was 5. I have one clear memory of him. We were on a family vacation and he was laying on the couch. His hair was all white blonde peach fuzz (probably from chemo treatments) and his mom sat next to him just rubbing his head in a soothing caring way. I wanted to comfort him, also. So when she got up I very shortly slipped in and started doing what she did. He cried for his mom and I was growled at and he was moved to his room upstairs. A bit later I started going up the stairs to my room and his dad growled at me, asking me what I was doing. I said I was going to my room and he grumbled at me to leave him alone. This is the one I'm going with. It's got a lot of character and it's still a really vivid experience for me.


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