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the tall guy from that thing



the tall guy from that thing

The idea was formed after I started getting involved with tech events in NYC. I would introduce myself to people, talk about what I was interested in, and then we would exchange contact information. This was done by writing on scraps of paper or logging-in to my recently re-branded social media accounts.

As these interactions became more frequent it hit me that I needed something to faciliate a quick exchange of contact information and create a lasting memory while keeping things on the lighter side. BAM, business cards with "the tall guy from that thing" written on them. This site is intended to be the next step for those people I meet.

Sitemap - Focused on 4 main areas

Splash Page - Intended to remind people about that intial meeting and our exchange of information. "Who is this person?" Scroll down to find out!

About Me - The arrows are meant to convey the feeling of a treasure map throughout the site ."I understand what he's after so what can he bring to the table?" Scroll down!

Experience -  Most common experiences visually displayed on the left, my personal metrics visually displayed on the right, and resume-like detail in the center. "This is interesting; I could really use somebody with this type of background."

Contact - Get in touch if you know about something that I'd be interested in and then check out my activity on the social media interwebs!

Social Media - It's meant to have a dashboard feel that allows you to scan my style of content for things that might interest you and trigger you to follow/connect. Most recent activity on the left to oldest on the right.

  1. Tweets about UX in the world around me
  2. Interesting startup company topics on LinkedIn
  3. An in-depth look at my favorite technology using tumblr

Thanks for viewing and don't keep all that feedback to yourself! Whether it's a sentence or a novel, please leave your comments!


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