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the sun is up, the sky is blue

The sun is up, the sky is blue, it's beautiful, and so are you

Who doesn't love some Beatles? I picked this lyric for its simplicity and sweetness. I thought it would be perfect to illustrate as a poster to remind me to find the beauty in the everyday.


The brainstorming helped me to narrow down the types of inspiration I wanted to draw from. I want the final illustration to have a vintage feel, with elements from nature tied in. 


Warm Up:

Here's the beginning of my warm up excercise. I think I want to do one more round of warm ups before I go on to the next step. The more I look at the word beautiful, the more I think it isn't spelled right, haha!

Warm Up Round 2:

I have been continuing with the sketching process in order to practice some lettering styles I never tried before. I have been having fun doodling!

I also have been sketching out my quote to practice how the words and characters relate to each other. I plan on doing more thumbnail sketches in order to narrow down my final composition. I went out and bought a compass so I could try creating the 3-d letters like in the lesson! I know there are some issues with it, if I use this method for the final I would need to clean it up a bit. I liked the way the curved, extruded text lended itself to the possibility of sunrays in my drawing, which goes along with the theme of my project.

Thumbnail Sketches:

I have a lot of different ideas for my composition, trying to tie in some nature elements with sun rays, clouds and branches. Now I'm having trouble deciding on which one to proceed with. Any feedback would be much appreciated!! Help! :)

Refined Sketches:

Hey guys! Right now at this point in my project I am working on my more refined sketch. Please let me know your thoughts, I would love to hear them!


Well, here it is finally! I scanned it in and then even started to apply color and texture in Photoshop. I think I want to start this project all over again from scratch using a new phrase, I think I mine may have been too long! I'm happy with my final result regardless!

Some final feedback would be much appreciated! I also just want to give a big shout out to Mary Kate for leading such an amazing class! I've always loved drawing typography, but this class has totally transformed the way I will approach my projects from now on! Thanks Mary Kate, you're a wonderful teacher!! :)


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