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the simple things.

My Muse - Canning :

UPDATE: 08/01

well, i am utterly and hopelessly green to making films. i am however fully intrigued and fascinated by the the entire process. 

i haven't quite decided what my muse will be but i've currently got two ideas in mind:

  • a garden space that i find enchanting
  • the process and joy of canning

i know one thing and that is that i want to get rolling.

here we go!

UPDATE: 08/08
after a little afternoon of putting my mind to it...

possible motifs:

  • slow movements
  • light, airy
  • hands/grasp

i think i like the last one the best. i think i have even found the right tune to set the my film to... !

UPDATE: 19/08
well i fully submersed myself in the process this past week. i shot all the footage over two days of canning pickles and peaches.

i was itching to assemble the footage so i forged my way through editing, learning tons. it is really fun being an amateur. there is so much to learn and to be inspired by. i feel like a sponge, desperately trying to absorb it all!

i should probably settle on the reality that i can't learn it all in one go and to be happy with where i sit in the process of learning. i'm enjoying this process quite a lot - fascinating. i can't get enough of watching other people's films! they're stunning, really.

anywho, i'm excited to say that i think i'm done. well... at least willing to stop fiddling with it and just let it be. stay tuned for the upload!

UPDATE: 17/09
Well its about time I posted the video, because I'm happy to say it's done!
For my first shot at making a film, I'm pretty happy with it. Still lots to learn and improve on, but I'm proud of where I've landed so far.

I hope you enjoy it!


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