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the science of motivation through gamification.

Initial thoughts
I used to be a teacher and through trial and error I learned what got my students motivated to learn and enjoy the class. When working in elearning I found out what the science is behind each techneque and after working on the UI design for loads of business tools I know where the good and bad examples of using this science is.

I hate the work 'gamification' because it quickly became a buzz word and instantly lost it's meaning, people stick some badges and some points on something with little idea why. I want to explain why you should and shouldn't use different techniques in different places and show examples. The project will allow the students to sugest a reward system they could use on an existing website or activity in the real world to engage/motivate users, studetns, staff, friends or themselves.  

Sorry if this doesn't all make sense I'll update again a little later

  • intro - this will be a video where I talk about my experience of teaching and how larger rewards reduced motivation in the long term. I'll couple this with an example from an existing website
  • pychology basics: this will be split into a few videos
    - people don't know what they want / how they acted in the past / how they will act in the future
    - cognitive disodence 
    - why to reduce all cognitive effort to the level of a child
    - the elephant and the rider theory
    - extrinsic and intrinsic motivators 
  • motivational pychology theories, with an example for each and a story of an experiement for each
    - pavlovs dog
    - skinners box
    - paradox of choice
    - the coupling effect
    - the ikea effect
    - percieved ownership
    - social proof / copy others
    - goal gradient
    - forbiden fruit
    - time limit 
    - multiple reward loops
    - completion
    I'll reduce this list by half (or split it into smaller chapters) and have a two minute video on each
  • project. For the project I'll ask the student to pick two or three motivational theories to create a reward system to get their local community/school/coleagues/family to drink more water (very simple task that everyone should be doing) it could be using an app or any other off line system. 


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