the no-look explosion

the no-look explosion - student project

Paul, thanks so much for this awesome class! I had no idea all of these visual effects were possible with just a simple piece of green cardstock. You've inspired me to make something!

For my project concept, I've always wanted to have a video of me walking away from an explosion without looking at it. (I know, I know, movie cliche – but with Facebook's new animated profile pics, I have to try it). 

Before I shoot the walking portion, I have a question: about what size green board/screen would be required to create something like this? A popup size like you mentioned? Or something bigger? 

Also, I wonder if I could put a twist on this concept in order to mock the fact that it's a movie cliche? 

Thanks again,


the no-look explosion - image 1 - student project

the no-look explosion - image 2 - student project

Zack Kinslow
Content Manager, Skillshare