the little prince/astronaut

the little prince/astronaut - student project

Hello there, here is my adaptation of the Little Prince.

I chose the first meeting of the fox and prince to make a few new comic pages of it. Usually Im a digital artist and I´ve drawn my first webcomic last year. I took this class to get back into the storytelling on the printed page again and it was a lot of fun to draw with ink on paper, and I also remembered it as less dificult.


After sketching the idea a couple of times very roughly I quickly turned to drawing the whole thing out.



Since it´s practise the story is pretty rushed on these three pages. I had a lot of problems with the writing/lettering in general and definetly wanna practise it much more, because I love the idea of hand lettering (and English is not my native language...). That lesson was fun and a great start to dive into storyboarding my longer stories now.

Thank you and kind regards from Germany.