the last Christmas: act 1

the last Christmas: act 1 - student project

I'm denoting the protagonist with a P and the antagonist with an A as of now :))

My main struggle with this: While I do want the story to start off with a lot of action (so it'll peak interest and create questions), I can't really have much happening because the main section of the story involves mostly/ only dialogue. I don't want to build up the first act to nothing in the second. For example, I wanted to introduce the protagonist through a music performance, but then it might lead the readers to think the story will have something to do with his career/ journey as a musician (or something along those lines). 



  • P goes to a café to meet up with A (old childhood friend he hasn't seen in a very long time). 
  • They cordially catch up, and discuss A's plans for a Christmas reunion with a few of their old, out-of-touch friends


  • Another meet up (with the implication that they've been spending a lot of time together recently), perhaps involving music (P is a musician, and it's the one thing that helps him process his emotions)
  • Which leads to an emotional + slightly drunk conversation that digs a little bit deeper into their history and various issues. P is still hesitant and defensive about it.


  • P finds himself at the reunion, and is now having to confront all these faces from the past with awkward introductions and small-talk.