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the highest station

All my life I've heard that motherhood is the highest station. But anyone who's a mom knows that it sure doesn't feel that way. You do a lot of the same things over and over, and get really good at them, but unlike at the office, you don't really get feedback. There's no: "Wow, you changed that diaper in 12 seconds while vacuuming and quizzing your eight-year-old on her spelling test while planning a wedding! I'm giving you a promotion! and a raise!"

So this is a bit tongue-in-cheek. I believe motherhood is an amazing but non-glamorous venture. Adventure?

So here's my word list:



And some doodles:



The number of things I could sketch are endless and I'll probably do more.

I'm debating if I should add "Motherhood is" or just say "the highest station" or just let the images speak for themselves. Can I show motherhood instead of telling it? What do you think?

Thanks for looking!


Here's my "roughly refined" illustration. I'm a little twitchy working this way... Thank you, Mikey, for helping me reign in my inner perfectionist. I had so much fun going with the flow. Really, if i'm going to use the blob brush? - No tweaking vectors? - I'm not going to ink this perfectly. Fun fun fun. Anyway, here it is: 


Update: September 29

The transfer process was super cool. I have a jug of xylene on hand, so I used it instead of the transfer marker. This area is not teeming with art supply stores, and I'd bought it for an earlier transfer project. Also, my sinuses are pretty much hollowed out.

Holy cow I was so frustrated finishing up in Photoshop. This project stopped being fun at about the time I tried to follow the rapid-fire instructions that didn't always coincide with what was happening onscreen. I faked my way through the final stages of the project. Here it is in all its wierdness:



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