the hearty chunk of referrals

the hearty chunk of referrals - student project

so far, i've had a hearty turn of referrals to skillshare. ..

i've had over $200 of referrals since i've started full time on skillshare.

i think that's pretty awesome. 

it's been really interesting to see how those premium signups have come about so i really wanted to share my journey with you and how you can get more referrals. .

  • i ASKED directly on fb from my close friends to take a skillshare account for three months
  • i put out content as much as possible to retain/respect that signup
  • people are taking ten of my free courses then signing up for premium
  • the twenty five coupons go often in a few days from launch
  • live streaming has worked really well to get direct action (go here, click this, do this)
  • being present in forms and facebook reminds people of you
  • $10 referrals can prop up some of the courses that never hit the spot in a month

i'm excited for the rest of november and december of 2016 and i'm getting closer to my target of 1000 followers and i'm half way to my one hundred courses. i'm really trying my hardest to get there for christmas, it's going to be hard but i'm head down into it, going for it! :)


you can get this and many hundreds more free pictures over on our website and soon video from -- totally for free, awesome right?

Philip Campbell

web3, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow