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the good, the bad, the ugly: being awkward, a chicken and a worrier

Hi Everyone,

I am a huge pattern fan and I've been doodling patterns during my free time for the last few months. I have been trying to find a theme that will be a challenge, but is something I can relate to.

I know we all have our own awkward moments and times when we worry or chicken out of doing something. It drives me crazy when I chicken out of something or when I overthink and worry too much about a situation I can't change. 

I would like to create a pattern that is quirky and relatable.

Using squiggly lines and perhaps some awkward animals is where I'm thinking of going, but I'm also interested in seeing how type and words are also a big part of these emotions. It would be great to beable to integrate things like that as well, but I'm not sure yet how it will work. 


And below are some initial sketches- trying to figure out the style I want and the characters. I want to add more doodles and line work next.


I had so much fun working on this pattern and even made two! I went with a CMYK color palette because I wanted something vibrant but also simple. I definitely knew I wanted to keep the rough sketchy pattern because it is awkward and corresponds directly to the theme. 



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