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the girl loves pearls

My Scandinavian and French-German parents were free and easy hippies. When I was a child they decided to live closer to the ocean, so we picked up and moved across the country to Vancouver, Canada. Living a gypsy lifestyle I spent ten years traveling the world as a dancer. This carefree lifestyle sparked my appreciation for different cultures.

For me making jewelry evoked a fortuitous love. This love was shaped from my travels and dance. As a result of my inspirations of nature, my pieces imply a rustic simplicity, freshness or understated elegance. I have always appreciated the quirks and anomalies that arise from the process of construction, thus adding uniqueness and elegance to my jewelry. Creating movement to the pieces is an important aesthetic in my creative design process. How jewelry drapes or shapes to the body starts to tell a story, just as a dancer uses movement and space to tell a story.

Jewelry is a personal statement, and choice that can evoke a mood or feeling, bestowing special meaning to the person wearing it. I wanted to create and develop jewelry and a brand that is luxurious and organic. Balancing earth and sea, using sustainably sourced fine quality Tahitian pearls, raw uncut rough diamonds, recycled sea glass that has been crafted by artisans in Ghana, African rings dipped in 22k gold, and semi-precious stones all strung on personally hand worked Australian leather.

Exquisite at birth, pearls need no molding or shaping, just the enhancement of its beauty with other jewels that are worthy. By virtue of pearls being slightly porous, they warm up against the skin as they are worn, thus allowing the wearer and the gems to become one.

There are many myths and symbolisms surrounding Tahitian pearls. These pearls symbolize wisdom, attracting wealth and luck as well as offer protection. Known for their calming effects, pearls balance one’s own karma, strengthen relationships and keep children safe. The pearl is also said to symbolize the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of the wearer.


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