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the fun in dysfunctional: org design alternatives




The team (L--R)  VP Ops & Comm, VP Product Dev., Lead Designer, VP Business Dev, VP Social Dev, Creative Director, CEO


This is the starting point.  Everyone answers to the CEO. 

I think we're a sandy forest.  

Our processes are confusing and frequently interrupted by CEO to change direction.  Our vision is unclear and strategy unclear because the overall direction changes so often without updating accompanying strategy.

Lack of clarity in roles and responsbilitiy leads to low accountability.  There is no performance assessment, no feedback system, informal or informal. 

Product development can be summed up by the saying: cart before the horse

major operational issues:

the co-founders claim to value innovation and creativity but in practice value coherence and discipline

they are attracting the wrong type of employees (free-thinkers and creative people) for the structured environment they have created for employees


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