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Laila Grainawi

interdisciplinary designer



the fool looks at the finger that points to the sky

i chose a quote from amelie as my phrase. i've always adored that movie, but what made this quote particularly perfect for my project is that i just moved into a space that has a medium level of creepy statue outside the window. pointing upwards. it is literally on a building where absolutely no one but someone standing in that particular room could see it. completely random!

it made me think of the amelie quote "the fool looks at the finger that points to the sky" and i wanted to create a poster / artwork for the wall next to the window. 

first thing i did was gather inspiration images on a pinterest board:

(shown here - still from the movie) 

here are my sketches etc from following along with the videos: 

different styles...


fleshing out the thumbs into more solid pieces:

i liked the idea of adding some small drawings. i had been playing around with clouds and eyes and kites (for sky) but the additional of a small hand and pointing finger kinda tickled me. 

so i made a few more sketches playing with that...

then i played around with some brush and ink textures to see if i wanted to snag any of those letters/words for the final.

in the image below- i tried to figure out what i wanted to do with composition a bit more too. 

final to come....


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