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the bus chase

My wife, her sister and I were driving on our way to a resort in the desert. We stopped in a diner/gas station to refresh ourselves. It is a common spot for busses to stop for 10 minutes so that the drivers can rest and the passangers storm the washrooms and buy a snack at the diner.

I was sitting with my wife on the pavement waiting for my wife's sis while she was buying something when I noticed that a bus was driving away and two characters chasing and waving at it. They were a father and son who just missed their bus with all their luggage in it's trunk.

I immediatly looked at my wife and she nodded. We both new they need help. I stood up and ran towards my car, my wife staying there because of her sister. I started the engine and stopped next to the father and son. "get in, i'll take you to your bus!". They seemed bewildered at first but then they got in and I squeezed the pedal to the floor. I think I almost tore the engine, I never in my life drove so fast. It was 10pm, a long straight highway in the middle of the desert. After a few andrenaline pumped minutes we reached the bus and I started honking and blinking. It took the driver a while to realize that Im signaling him to stop. They got off, thanked me and I drove back to the gas station with a satisfied smile on my face.




Desert road:

car ext:

car int:


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