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the adventerous art adventures of Ashley

Hi everyone, I'm Ashley! I'm just a 16 year old artist trying to survive highschool. I've been drawing since 7th grade, and have been posting on tumblr for a few months now. I usually post mainly fan art of bands and other music artists. However this is the first project I've taken on that's all about me, and I am super excited about it! 

Since I don't hav adobe photoshop, I like ot use Adobe Ideas on my phone. Most people are surprised that I choose not to use a stylus for my work, but I find that I have just as much, if not more, control over where my lines go when using my finger. My typical style is very cartoon-y and cutesy. I want my character to be awkward yet sweet and likeable. As I said, I'm still in highschool, and I'm still trying to figure things out. My comic is probably going to recount all my awkward, embarrasing, and just downright hilarious moments of highschool. 

drawn with my classic "sweater paws" over my hands, baggy ripped jeans and black boots (inspired by the outfit I just happened to be wearing when I drew these) my character is ready to face the day -- even If she woke up 5 minutes before she needs to leave and is only half awake


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