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Cynthia Stuker

Senior Art Director | Picture Book Creator



the Iconic Adventures of Working Mom

DONE! I took out "garden" because I haven't done much of that and added "create more". Made a few other tweaks and turned it into a poster. It's hanging above my desk at work.

I have all my icons! I may tweak them some more but I at least have an icon for each.

More work in progress - I need to change the first one (snuggle with cat) because the style is a little off from the rest AND my husband asked why I had a beard in the first photo. HA HA HA!

Here's some more icons, work in progress.

First two icons, sketch and illustrator: dinner and snuggle with cat


refined list of 20 concepts/actions that represent my day:

(I have "love you" husband on there 3 times, but they are under three different circumstances so the icons will be a little different.)


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