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the GRAMmy's

Starting Instagram I had no idea what to do with it, so I just posted random photos. Now I already learned a lot from experience. Sophia gave me new insights on how to deal with Instagram, social media and taking/editing pictures. Thank you for that.

Would love to create a balanced feed where I can show the world what my interests and talents are. Ideally I would grow in followers in the coming months by interacting with followers, reach out to users/brands I am interested in, integrate stories in my pictures (supported by a catchy caption) and motivate myself to keep on going what I am doing.

Categories I want to reach

  • Photography

  • Lifestyle

  • Design

  • Art

  • Creative freelancers




Previous pictures I edited with VSCO. It is my favourite, so actually I edit every picture with VSCOcam. Not worried about that. Learned new apps from Sophia. Ready to get experimental! 
Also I like to get crazy with DSCO, the baby brother of VSCO. You can create your own GIFs. I think that is just more than amazing to handle. Take a look at my Instagram ( to check out my personal GIFs. Still learning how to edit GIFs though.

As you can see I like hashtags. Thinking that could be annoying I will only post 5 to 6 hashtags that are valuable for the picture. In the last picture you can see I already started this "rule".


My feed right now. Usually I am not posting those dark pictures, but thinking it could be a great way to start a new rhythm I put them next to each other. Every other weeks I could post a new row of darker pictures. It keeps me thinking how to keep my feed interesting. 

Already a lot wiser and motivated. I'll see you soon!


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