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the Dog Alice

my small dog alice always comes up to me, while I sit at work and gives me this "look" 

she sure wants me to go out on walk with her and have a break occasionaly. she's a mix of a Dachshound and a Pincher... having the looooong legs a Dachshound always wanted to have .. she runs as happy as can be on meddows or in the woods. She really enjoys having stinki food like pigsears and hides them unterneath the sofa or in the shoes of my partner, way way in the back of the cupboard. She grunts in her sleep and snuggles up into a doughnutshape while asleep. 

well .. as I was looking at your lesson.. she came up and gave me that "look" 

I couldn't resist and chose her for this project. The first coloring was not as easy as you make it look like but doing the secound one really improoved - although I decided to stick with the color Blue (she's blackish in reality with brown sprinkles at the side of her neck) 

earlyer today I did some vegetables .. hmmm I might post them now 


you see If I would have seen this lesson earlyer a lot of this would have lookded very different .. but I like it if the black fades and runs out into the color. 

so in the afternoon I drew and painted a leaf of salad .. that didn't get finished .. sorry had to eat it with a sandwitch .. it looked so good and crisp in the afternoon sunlight!


so .. well that's it. 

Thank You for sharing your class !!! 

Hello from Austria :)


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