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the BLACK CHERRY: my first attempt at a Magazine Spread


I couldn't resist attempting a front cover :[]

Black Cherry Magazine

This fictional BLACK CHERRY is my first try at a magazine spread. I haven't had much experience at graphic designing, and this was especially challenging and fun. 


This page would actually be split down the middle, but I wanted it to feel like one large spread instead of two separate pages. As I was building this, it inadvertently began to look like a song playlist, or the cover of a band. More fun creativity. 

The more time I spend on this, the more adjustments I make. I realize it takes time to finally complete a satisfying layout.


I like giving words the attention they deserve, and since this isn't a fashion magazine, I thought I'd let the text stand out more. 

So much fun! Please let me know what ya'll think.

Note: The images are from Unsplash, royalty free. The names and stories I drew from the air of imagination. Any relation to actual persons or stories is completely coincidental.


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