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the Agera project

BRAND NAME: Agera Premium Goods

Agera is actually a swedish verb meaning "to act" or "take action". Everyone should act on their dreams and make them a reality. Take the spotlight and stop warming up the benches.

BRAND INSPIRATION: Ive always had an eye for fashion and the mentality to stray from the norm. Finding a way to put these elements together is a challenge ive accepted not only with clothing but accessories as well. Other brands out there tend to go with what is "in" for the moment which is smart and average, NOT me. Finding these trends and tweaking them to outlast the hype is my goal with Agera. When people talk about the top streetwear brands such as Stussy, Bape, BBC, Diamond, Staple and so on,Agera will be mentioned in that conversation.

MISSION STATEMENT:  Stray from the norm.

CUSTOMER PROFILE: The Target im trying to reach out to is both men and women in the ages between the ages of 16-30 with a taste for streetwear. I believe this is the age group when people are the most willing to branch out and really find themselves, willing to adapt to new styles and trends. But at the same time they are old enough to really know who they are, what they think is cool and what is not with out having to think to hard it. 

CONCEPT THEME: Urban Elegance. a Hidden beauty found in city life.

MERCHANDISING:This will include a basic color theme of city life. Black,white, shades of grey,red,green. lighter materials for comfortable & breathable tees, premium fleece and hints of leather.

Basic black on white, white on black and monochromatic. Cement patterns.

accents of red found in stop signs, stop lights a bold eye cather.

cut and sewn black leather accents.


5 tees 20.00$

5 hoodies 60.00$

1 cut and sewn hoodie 80.00$

black hoodie with metallic gold lettering

black hoodie with cement pattern lettering.

Black hoodie with black leather lettering.


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