Francesca D





Final Portrait: 2.3

There seemed to be the closest relationship between my mood board, truth and this portrait than in all of the others.  I raised the hue a bit to soften the colors in an effort to mimac the sense of mood board images.  I like the hint of the meadow grass, moss, the texture of the hand knit sweater and weathered barn facade.  The subject's facial tone in relationship to the background weaves her into the environment where she thrives.  It's a simple image of a woman that revels in simplicity.

Selections from My Shoot: 1.30

Terroir, borrowing from the viticulture term, to me means that the image is about a place in time, and the subject possesses the sensibility of their context.  Here in the dark days of winter, in the far reaches of the northwest, we strain for any sense of light.  To add contrast my subjects wore dark clothes with a hint of color.  I used the sky, road and white hair of my subject to add light to the images.

I wanted to experiment with making the image softer by lowering contrast and saturation.

To get an unexpected image I asked my subjects to think about the funny story that we had listened to on the radio earlier that day.

Mood Board : 1.22

Context steeps these portraits in place and time.  

though the terroir is abscent the portrait is like a landscape of texture and light


steiglitz, the sky reflects georgia's brooding personality

popular mechanics, great setting 

ansel adams, tom kobayashi, from adams' images of internees at manzanar


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