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temp - a weather app for kids

I would like to design a weather app for a "little" audience.

The app would be specifically for kids between the ages of 3 to 5. It would introduce them to temperature and weather with a fun assortment of animals. I would like the illustrations to be kid friendly but also appeal to the parent audience who would most likely be involved in the adventure.

The app will open with a screen giving the current temperature, weather and an animal dressed for the occasion. The child would be able to scroll down to see temperature for the rest of the day in four 6h increments to see how it would change during the day. With each scroll the temperature and weather would move but the animal would remain. Thus his environment would change (wearing rain boots etc.) but he would stand still. At the end of each "day," the final screen you can scroll down to is a description of the animal.

I have included sketches, possible illustration styles and finally three wireframes.



Illustration Style Ideas


Opening screen (current temp)

Next screen (6h in the future)

Description of Animal

(Final screen when scrolling down through times of day)


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