temp Weather App

temp Weather App - student project

My take on the temp app came from interacting with moms. Actually it was one particular mom, who would would check the weather that was occurring in every location each of her children was living in at the time every morning. Since she has nine children living all over the country, she would bookmark each location on her computer. So I thought why not make it a little easier for her to see what the weather is like where her children are. So I decided to design an app that not only displays your location right off the bat, but includes other locations as well. In addition, you can associate different locations with different people, giving you a quick snapshot of what the weather is like where all your loved ones are.

I didn't have a lot of time this past week to work on it, but I put together some semi-coherent wireframe drawings. I should be uploading some high fidelity wireframes soon. Let me know what you think!

temp Weather App - image 1 - student project

temp Weather App - image 2 - student project

Here are a couple of wireframes that I created in Illustrator to get a better visual of how I want to lay the app out. I am going to start working on the actual grid in Photoshop soon. There are two screens so far. Let me know what you think!

temp Weather App - image 3 - student project

Maria Gorre

UX & Web Designer