tempº app design

tempº app design - student project

My concept is a fairly minimalist weather app - just the most necessary elements, little to no bells and whistles. It's meant to be clean, attractive and easy to read, and give you all of the most pertinent information in a single glance: what is the current temperature and what are the weather conditions?

If you want more info, you can scroll up for the daily high/low temperature, or scroll down to see a 7-day forecast. I also thought that a clockwise swiping gesture could be used to show a 24 hour forecast. Wherever you finger stops on the clock is the corresponding hour that you can see the temperature for. (I don't know if this can actually be implemented!)

I'm designing my own icons for the app to denote the weather conditions. Larger illustrative icons for the main screen, and smaller icons for the scroll down week forecast.

Here are some of my initial sketches, and a quick single screen mockup to show the intended style of the illustrations.

Any feedback is appreciated! :)

tempº app design - image 1 - student project

tempº app design - image 2 - student project