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temp° by Lenore

I am still in the brainstorming stage, trying to figure out what my app will do. I've looked through my apps, particularly the weather ones, and wrote down the things I like about them and how they could improve. I'm using the steps from the Apple HIG Design Strategies, which might be a little extensive for a weather app but I wanted to make sure I did it right. (NOTE: I probably will not use all the features listed, it might be a little complicated, so I will edit as I move forward with my project.)

  1. App Definition Statement

    Purpose: Provide weather information to users, including temperature, weather state, daily highs and lows, hourly information, sunrise and sunset, and chance of rain.
    Who it's for: People of all ages who like to be prepared for the weather.
    How they'll use it: Likely in the morning to check the forecast for the day or upcoming days/weekend.
    Core functionality: Deliver weather forecasts for the day. 
    Consolidated definition statement: App for people to check weather forecasts. 
    Features that fit the definition: Main page displaying current location weather; Slider to scroll through hourly forecasts (as opposed to hourly list); Overview of highs and lows of days to come; Ability to check weather in other/saved locations; Aesthetics that match the current displayed weather forecast
    Example of feature that don't fit the definition or exceed the project scope:
    User-uploaded backgrounds; Having special backgrounds/photos for each major city (ex: a photo of the Golden Gate bridge for San Francisco, of the Empire State Building and skyline for NYC), and possibly even different photos for each city during rain, snow, sunshine, etc.; Outfit suggestions (ex: sweater for cold, umbrella for rain, shorts for hot)

  2. Sketches
    So a lot of my inspiration came from the app Morning Rain, which is the weather app I've been using because I think it's beautiful. But I thought there was a lot it could improve on, especially with being more clear about some of the information. The circle will not be a slider, but another representation of time/showing the sun/moon in it's current position in the sky.

    Second round sketch, simplified display and hourly:

  3. Mockups


    Loading Screen

    Main screen


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