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tee for twentyonepilots

hello everyone this is very first project i start in skillshare, i'm like super motivated by just being here and thanks brandon for the awesome class and great videos.

so after watching two videos, i started making a sketch. i will explain my fugly sketch right now.

sketch #1 :

first thing that came to my mind after seeing the band's logo, its definitely an 'A mark test' upsided down is it just me or it really does resemble a mark? and thats how i came with this "test inspired tee".this, i think it will draw attention to the tee, like tyler said and people will tend to look at the name, and so on. for the final design i'll try to achieve realistic look so it will look like a test paper slapped on a tee right away, i can achieve that feel with some crumpled paper texture, it definitely possible. so back to the skech, the things i want to highlight from the design is the logo in test mark style and the band's name. as for the content, it can be related to the band or not, i'm still not sure about that. 

sketch #2 : 

"super simple" would be perfect to describe this design, it's really just logo and the band name in 1 color. i changed the logo a bit, but its still circle with three sticks. as for the band's name, i use difference in color by placing the text above the circle, white in black circle and black outside the circle. this simple logo actually have many alternatives, like splattered paint as the circle, or can be inverted for black t-shirt. many possibilities, but for the super simple design it would be just logo and text.

sketch #3

reggae feel, wait what? well i know some reggae stuff, bob marley, green red yellow, rasta, weeds. thats all i know, i dont know much, really. so i browsin a bit and found knitted hat everywhere and i like it. not sure if this was the mood that tyler meant but i really dont know about reggae stuff. here i'm trying to make simple three color knitted image and knit twentyonepilots logo from there. thats it, ithink it will looks good in more bold and big stroke and my early sketch is just too fugly, i'll try better in next phase.

i NEED your feedback, which one do you think the most promising?did my approach seems too lazy?is the first one looks too flashy?would you wear that?should i make more idea sketch? is my english makes your eyes bleed?yes?well i'm sorry :p   

i'll leave some comments in your project before i go. thanks everyone i still got many videos our attractive teacher made to watch, cheers


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