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techniques & projects - student project

Thank you Robert! I'm learning alot from your explanations and demos, seeing how you work loosely and controlling the water.. totally enjoying every single step of the project! 

techniques & projects - image 1 - student project

3 trees project and colorful forest

my paper is definitely tearing up haha it's 140lb watercolor paper but maybe it's not great quality ..  

it's been fun! tho difficult trying to manage the water on the paper, somehow it's drying up too fast on the 1st water wash .. 

gotta try not to add last min touches on the painting after it's done.. and then end up overworking it.. 

This is fun! exploring all my brushes and trying them out .. surprised that it can all be used to paint figures too lol 

have not tried scraping paint away before.. 

will definitely try the technique more in future!

techniques & projects - image 2 - student projecttechniques & projects - image 3 - student projecttechniques & projects - image 4 - student project

techniques & projects - image 5 - student project

wow this paper is tearing up haha 

basically have to do really fast cos im sitting under the ceiling fan and i realise that's how i got all the dry edges before cos i'm not working fast enough ..