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team Perebooms

Hi you guys!

First I would like to thank Aaron for this awesome class! Super way of explaining and telling stuff, great teacher.

I made this crest for my husband and me. We like to call ourselfs 'team Perebooms', you really do start to see eachother as part of one team when you've had your share of ups and downs. We really feel that together we can do anything. I like that, it's a good thing and that's why I put that on top of our crest.

Made the crest in a book-kinda shape, you can see the pages on top of the crest. I just love books and I thought it nicely represents depth and meaning.

The dandelions are characteristic for our garden, our small village, living in the country. I love it. In our wedding invites I designed there were also dandelions. Living in the countryside, nice and quite, hence the 'countryside' with the road in the crest, also for all the traveling and riding motorcycles we love to do.

I also love to draw, design stuff etc. and I love cooking and good food. My husband likes the good food but not so much the cooking-part. That's why I brought the paintbrush and the rolling pin in.

My husband is completely obsessed with motorcycles and I like it too so that's what that giant wheel is doing there. A keyboard because we're complete nerds and also love gaming.

The pie over there is called 'spekkoek', not sure what it's called in English but it's a typical Indonesian cake, made out of different colored layers. It stands of both our roots, both our grandpa's were Indonesian.

The battlestar galatica lo-ads is what we use as a way in telling how much we love eachother. How much? Battlestar Galatica loads! Lol, also again complete nerds. And we're just that much silly :D

Obbicht is our small village, in the Netherlands. And we're team Perebooms since 2004 BAM!

Thank you all for watching, hope you like it!





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