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tasty cities

I like chips. As I sit here writing this blurb, I'm eating Fritos honey twists and getting seasoning all over my keyboard. So I thought it would be cool to package toys in those snack size chip bags. I'm inspired by Mary Blair's illustrations as well as Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, and Geoff McFetridge. 

The idea of the toy would be something like "flavors of a city." For example, I grew up in Los Angeles (won't ever leave), so I imagined the chip bag packaging to have some cool illustration to represent the city and inside would be a tasty treat toy maybe in the shape of potato chips(non edible, of course) or perhaps a cool landmark to represent the food and life of the city. 

I like the style of this illustration and would like to create something similar that represents Los Angeles. Inside the chip bag, you'd find a toy of a Tommy's hamburger! I grew up on their chili and burger and this reminds me of my childhood growing up not to far from the original location.

Similar to the first moodboard, but the toy would include the "paletero" cart that Angelenos see during the hot summers.

In this instance, I thought it would be cool to have a toy of the Grifith Park merry-go-round (something cultural, rather than a taste of the city). 


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