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tall boys

The photo I chose to edit was one from a camping trip in the Sierra Nevadas a few months ago. This was shot with my Sony a7 and a 24mm f/2.8. I was initially kind of dissatisfied with the photo, because I had accidentally shot it in JPG instead of raw. Thus any major exposure adjustments sort of made it look dead, in addition to an overall noisey, compressed look. 


I edited this photo using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.6. I started by slightly raising exposure and furthering it with raised whites/highlights and very minimally raised shadows. I left the clarity slider alone, raising the vibrance by quite a bit and lowering saturation to about -30. I then skipped over the tone curve until I had really figured out how I wanted my image to look. in HSL, I shifted the green to more of a yellow, yellow to orange, and aqua toward blue. In saturation, I slightly raised the oranges and yellows, lowering the blues and greens quite a bit. This was to make up for the solid blue sky, and consequently solid blue trees. In luminance I raised the orange and yellow to about 30-40. In the photo all of the yellow is in the light down to road, so it was almost as if I was just raising highlights. In split tonining I shifted the highlights slightly warmer, tipping the shadows a little cooler. I balanced them closer to the highlights. 


At this point in the process I basically knew how my photo was going to turn out. In the tone curve, I raised the blacks a bit and sligtly raised the midtones. I also sharpened the photo just a little and applied some minimal lens corrections. 


In the end, I'm relatively satisfied with this photo. I like the mix of warm and cool colors, but in the future I'd use a lower ISO and shoot in raw(I always shoot in raw, but this photo was taken with a remote, defaulting it to JPG for whatever reason) I definitely think this was a good lesson for me. I worked full time for the past 6 months and just poured all my savings into a big trip to NY/NY for next month. I don't plan on doing much there beside getting out there and shooting every waking moment, so I'm trying to squeeze in as much practice as possible before then.



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