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taking flight at sunset

lately i'm loving nude/peach tones. I'm intesrested in building a project that can incoroporate suset colors; think peach, lavender, and nude tones. I also love the romance and movement of feathers from this color story perspective.

this project will induce a hopeful, anticiapatory emotion through the lense of a rosy sunset. 

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backstage elle saab

i love the pachy/warm tones of this photo. i'm also really drawn to the energy of it; it seems hopeful for a gorgeous  debut on the catwalk soaking in the bright lights...

this chick screams carrie bradshaw. she looks happy in her own glittery world and makes me happy to think i could be like her. i love the muted grey/ slate of her skirt and how the tone is so deep when combined with sparkle. such gorgeous deminsion, i think it suits my pallet well.

pretty feathers and lovely color story here!

love the warm glowy light here and the gilded feathers! so pretty!

love the morning sunlight wash here, also her makeup and hair are so fresh. lovely!

color inspiration the two above photos, would love to see this one especially in water color.

pretty concept

the colors here are amazing. i love the idea of expressing movement and i think a dress like this, or the feathers above are so pretty. id love to learn to capture their ariness!

 i like the idea of this composition, maybe lavender where black though? colors of items in the shade of a sunset?


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