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Tabitha Kerbabian

Letterer & Graphic Designer



tabsk Portfolio Website

This is my portfolio website for custom lettering and logo design. I have done freelance graphic design for several clients before, but am now venturing in to full-time self employment as a letterer and graphic designer.

Cover Page


My cover page features my own hand-lettered logotype and lettering to let everyone know what my website is about. The image faded in the background is my workspace.

About Page


The about page of my blog features another image from my workspace (specifically, a closer shot of the box that sits on my desk - the label is my name in my grandmother's handwriting that I cut out from an envelope she gave me). I made a gradient overlay on this image using my two primary brand colours so that it would work well on the website.

Home Page


The home page of my website is my portfolio. I have only uploaded three projects so far, just to get things rolling. All of my pages feature the social icons in the footer, although not all of the screenshots here show it.

Contact Page


The contact page of my webiste has three separate forms for clients to get in touch with me through, depending on their needs. I purposely didn't put my email address up because it is integral for me to gather the information in the forms to make accurate quotes (a brief explanation follows the line on the site so that it's clear to potential clients).

Refreshing Page


My refreshing content page is a blog, where I'll share my design process, thoughts and advice on lettering and design in general, and little glimpses into my lifestyle. I'm a very conscious consumer with strong values, which I view as an important part of my brand as it will dictate the kinds of companies I work with!
As you can see in the screenshot, there is currently no content in the side bar. It's where my tweets and instagram posts will link to, but I'm just starting to upload that content now! There will likely be content there by the time you view the actual page.

I did study graphic design in school but I am not a user experience designer or web designer. That being said, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please take a look at my website and don't hesitate to offer advice if you see room for improvement!

I'm especially interested to know:
How does my website look on your device / what kind of device are you using to view it?
(It's a little wonky on my phone but I'm not sure there's anything I can do to change that - I use an iPhone 4S.)

Do you find the content consistent? 

What impression does the website give you of who I am and what my brand stands for?

Thanks so much for this class, George!


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