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tabsk Logotype

I am designing a logotype for my personal brand, tabsk. This logotype will be applied to my upcoming business cards and website for my custom lettering and logotype business. The name itself is a mashup of my first name, middle initial, and last initial. I debated changing it because someone swiped the alias on Instagram and Twitter before me, but I decided to stick with it. I already have the same alias on Pinterest and use it in my email address as well. I'll just have to come up with cohesive Instagram and Twitter handles when the time comes (like tabskdesign, or hello.tabsk like my email address).

To narrow down a direction for my logotype, I did some brainstorming. In my notes below, I've defined what my brand embodies and did some colour exploration. The research I did on colour stemmed mostly from two wonderful books, Colorstrology and Color & Layout.
PRO TIP: Check your local library for books that you don't want to buy right away. The library is an awesome place! ;) 


I used Adobe Color to create my colour palettes. If you're confused about my spelling, I'm Canadian so you'll see an extra 'u' in certain words. :p


This is the first colour palette I created, based on my birth colour from Colorstrology (Seedling - the colour in the middle). I had my website and business cards in mind when I created these colour palettes. I won't be using all of these colours in my logotype though you'll see them in my upcoming brand identity.


I love this one. It's also based on some colours I found in Colorstrology that had descriptive words relative to my personality and brand, but I think it's a little too bold for the direction I'm after.


Almost exactly the same as the last one, but this colour palette switched up the hot pink for a bold red-orange similar to "Tigerlilly" from the Colorstrology book. It's a sharp palette, but it doesn't suit me.

I have a Pinterest account that is already home to several boards relating to logo design and lettering. Check out my boards Typography & Hand-Lettering, Print & Product Design, and Brand Identity / Logo Design to see where I pulled my tears from.


This is the page of tears that I pulled from various boards on Pinterest and printed out for reference. I'm really drawn to the thick script letters, because they exude both friendliness and confidence. A couple of the images in the tear sheet display lettering incorporated in a photo, or a photo contained in the lettering. I'm toying with this idea for a website banner.

Whatever tools work best for you are the best tools for you to use. In case anyone is interested, I've included a list of all the tools I am currently using for lettering / logo work. I tend to stick with certain brands, but I'm always up for trying new things!

  • Staedtler triplus micro 0.7 mm mechanical pencil + erasers
  • Staedtler lead pointer / sharpener
  • Micron PIGMA pens, from 005-8, and Graphic 1, 2, and Brush
  • Field Notes, Threadless edition, which I feel bad for using when I'm not designing t-shirts D:
  • CanoScan LiDE 220 scanner
  • Canon iX6820 13"x19" printer
  • Artograph 12"x17" LightPad Light Box (for tracing)

I also just visited the MUJI store in Toronto last month and bought a few pens. I never thought to use them for lettering, so I'll have to try that out!



Super rough warm-up sketches to get my hand flowing with the pencil.




I used my Micron Graphic 1 and Brush pens to see if I could get any different results than with the pencil.
PS: This is a watercolour paper because I do not currently have any marker paper ~


I used my compass to draw accurate curves. for the two sketches on the left. Throughout my sketches, I played with the idea of containing my logotype in a circle, with the thought of making a custom stamp for business cards in mind. (drawn on regular-weight sketchbook paper)



I tested out a handful of reference fonts to layer on top of my original sketches. I decided to go with SignPainter-HouseScript because although it wasn't as thick as I wanted my final logotype to be, its style fit most closely with what I wanted.


I used the Arc tool in Illustrator to apply the reference font to my sketches. I also inverted it and tested out what it would look like in a circle.



I used my light box to trace the reference font I printed out. I struggled a bit with getting the exact angle I wanted, as I didn't want my final logotype to be quite as slanted as the reference font. I finally decided that I should just bring these sketches into the computer, because I would need to adjust the points anyways after making a vector version. I figured I was worrying about it too much!



I traced over one of my sketches, then copied the outline and changed it to a fill before further adjusting some of the anchors and curves. The green logotype in the bottom right is the final.



My final logotype is framed in a circle as a mockup for what a custom stamp would look like. I want to use my logotype to create a custom stamp to make my own business cards. I placed a stamp-like texture over top of the logotype to emulate what a real stamp texture would look like.

Feedback is welcome! :)


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