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sybilline outpost survivor !

The underdark (drow, duergar, kuo-toa etc..) from dungeons and dragons always proves a nice source of inspiration for me. So i started thinking about what sort of creatures would fight mind flayers and aboleths and other planar creatures. 

I came up with the idea of the Sibyllines , an ancient and dying race of master psionists. The race is in decline (there hasn't been a new birth in a 100 years) and out of boredom and lethargy most of the remaining Sibyllines spend their days in drug fueled slumbers. They employ a slave race of albino lizard creatures (rumoured to be the ancestors of the kuo-toa) for manual tasks and to hunt various elixirs and mushrooms from the caves. A few of this society still battle mind flayers (nobles will hunt them for sport) but largely the race is in decline. Too advanced to care about the wars around them for the Sibyllines it is largely a life of slow decay.

Physical characteristics - Typically tall and slender (males average around 6'3 in height and females around 5'10 with weights of 165 lbs and 125 lbs respectively). Skin color runs the spectrum from alabaster to light blue. They will have tremendous psionic powers with the most powerful able to stand head to toe with a mind flayer...but typically they will hunt in parties of 10 or more with attendant lizard men and other slaves along for the ride. Sibyllines will often sport head piercings and will always have some sort of gem (at least one) prominently displayed on their foreheads. They will always be bald both male and female. Features will be chiseled and for the most part very distinguished...high cheekbones, large prominent noses :D...and dour expressions.

sibylline warlord and mystic


sybilline noble

But the lizard creatures keep bringing back ancient sybilline artifacts...(a thousand years or more old)...could these be the remains of an ancient sybilline colony. Could this colony still exist?

Well of course it does :D...this is Pereg one of the survivors of this long forgotten colony

Thoughts...i kind of like where this is going. Just some head sketches for now and i will add some figures as i go along. Comments and criticisms much appreciated.


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