super basic sketches of some ideas

super basic sketches of some ideas - student project

I started doing some super basic layout sketches after watching this lesson
I am by no means a hand drawer, I do all my real work in photoshop and illustrator, but its always good to sketch out my ideas so i have a broad view of where to go.  I aplogize for the poor quality, Im studing abroad in London and apparently the new scanner I just bought isn't compatible with my laptop due to the country difference so i had to just take pictures of these

My inspiration came from this scene

super basic sketches of some ideas - image 1 - student project

super basic sketches of some ideas - image 2 - student project

I had quite a few ideas but my favorite one so far is this design "the tradgedy of Price Cupcakes" its a play off (pun intended) the Shakespeare play "Hamlet".  Its one of the most famous scenes, the graveyard scene where Hamlet holds up Yorick's skull and utters the famous lines "to be or not to be that is the question."  Being an English major this is one of my favorite works ever, and it is something that basically anyone who ever attended high school had to read so they can relate to it and laugh at it rather they like the play or not.  Normally he is holding Yorick's skull but I wanted to do something baking related and switched it with a cupcake.  The bottom will have a banner of some sort (or i was thinking of putting it on one of the gravestones) saying "To bake or not to bake, that is the question."  Its just fun and kind of goes along with the joking around with iconic imagery that Johnny Cupcakes is famous for.  This will look a lot better if i decide to go through with this idea and illustrate it on the computer.  The typography is super rough and I want to make it more in theme with the shakespeare style, its more a placeholder right now.

super basic sketches of some ideas - image 3 - student project

The second idea i was able to sketch out was this one I call "United states pastry service" again, superrrr rough, needs more airing out and developing just a basic concept sketch, for the next lesson ill be looking to develope the typography and ideas wayyyy more on these.  I just wanted to take something boring like the post office  and make it fun with a bakery theme.  I have a lot more ideas i want to ad, but basically i wanted a bunch of posters up top related to baking, one being the "employee of the month" and have it be Johnny.  Rather than have rolls of tape, i would have rolls of bakery string, sprinkles instead of packing beads etc, just kind of make it more like a bakery, I know I have to be really careful to not just make it a bakery, this idea needs a lot more developing and thinking on before I move forward, so its just an idea 

I have a lot more ideas that i want to expolore for this so none of these are really set in stone, things will probably change a lot by the next lesson once i get a good amount of time to experiment

Jeff O' Neill

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