sun|tect: architecture - [ website rebuild ]

sun|tect: architecture - [ website rebuild ] - student project

01.2013 start

Well, I am an architect with 10 years of experience (8 in NYC) who has started his own studio, but still has a painfully outdated flash site. My goals for this site are relatively simple:

  1. Site must be clean, minimal, and simple
  2. Site must be easy to update as I hope to update it frequently on jobs in progress, in design, and in construction
  3. Site must be tagged properly to help me have a chance of being 'found', especially with the studio's odd name ( 'sun|tect' or 'sun-tect', not 'suntech, suntext, or suntec )
  4. Site must be able to help me transition from work I display that is 'shared authorship' (as a new studio, I still show work from old firms, giving credit of course) to work that is 'sole authorship'.
  5. Site must straddle line between clean, modern, and slick while still having a bit of humor (meet my mascot dog...)

Oh, and this better be easy, b/c I am a very good architect, but pure crap on the web. Train wreck esque. This will be painful.

Ok, that's it for now...


01.21.13 - [ code challenge #1 ] : complete 

Yes, behind. To see (crappy) progress:

Andrew Haner

Principal / Architect at sun-tect