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Morgan Witt

Founder -



strictlysocial - Big Dreams, Good Music & Expensive Taste


Thought up the name "strictly social" about 8 or 9 years ago.  This was way back in the early days of social networks so social media wasn't on the tip of everyone's tongue (including mine).  I purchased the domain name and sat on it for a year.  I was DJing a lot at the time and had decided to go back to school to get my MBA while working full time along the way.  The lack of free time lead me to cutting way back on a lot of things...including DJing.  Around this time, blogging was kind of an early adopter thing still.  I decided to drop an early installation of Wordpress on the domain I had purchased, had a friend help me with an early type treatment for the header image, and started writing about the music that I would have been playing.  Little did I know I was one of a small but growing number of music bloggers really focusing on electronic music and DJ culture.  From there the brand was born...

Over the years, I've ramped up and down on focus on the blog while continuing to work full time and completing my graduate degree.  It's been my creative outlet and led to me building relationships with record lables, artists, and getting a ton of exclusives.  About a year and a half ago I revisited the idea of really making this a long term business.  Did a rebrand, redesigned the site, began the trademark process for the brand name, came up with a tagline (also trademarked) and began expanding content on the site to art, design, streetwear, sneakers, and fashion.  All of the other things that I am passionate about. 

You can follow along here:

Current logo:

Tagline (mantra):

Outside of the website, I have leveraged the brand for a series of events/parties here locally in San Diego.  Here are a few examples of the logo projected during the events.

(house music legend Todd Edwards)

The focus now is to translate a web based platform into a lifestyle brand.  I look forward to sharing my progress.


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