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stretching and reaching for happiness

What I learned about myself through my interviews!

My interviews were HARD! Especially because I had to find the time to do them all on Skype since I'm living abroad right now. But I am so GRATEFUL to my friends and family who gave me their honest answers and I was blown away by the love I felt from everyone I spoke with. 

My Observations: 

1) Everyone wished I would recognize my capabilities and stop waiting for others to validate my skills and contributions. To take ownership over my ideas and to stop letting others put me in their shadow.

2) I am at my best when I am creating and in a creative space. I need more creativity in my life.

3) My challenge is separating the person from the behaviour. I am deeply affected by people's negative action towards me. I lose power and I find reconsciliation hard.

4) I make time for the people whom i care about, when they need me. 

My Circle:

What is inside my circle:

  • BIG family LOVE
  • continuous growth
  • support from best friends - people who elevate me 
  • happiness, pure genuine no-holding-back happiness
  • travel & adventure
  • dance, dance, dance
  • strong community
  • recognition for my contributions
  • CREATEivity & a creative job
  • knowledge

What is outside my circle:

  • complacency and apathy towards the way things are 
  • mundane work... give me variety!
  • corporate jobs (see above)
  • people who take advantage of me (friends, bosses, etc)


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